Energy Efficiency with PACE Financing

PACE Financing in Missouri can provide your project with the funding it needs to get the job done – for new construction, rehabs, or retrofits.

Missouri PACE financing provides upfront, fixed rate, long-term financing to property owners for qualified energy efficiency & maintenance upgrades. Some of the game-changing benefits for owners are:

  • Loan can qualify as a Tax Assessment, which can in turn be accounted for as yearly operating expense
  • Eligibility based on a Cash Flow neutral determination
  • Loan Terms can be up to 20 years
  • Energy efficiency for tenants and costs are allowed to be passed to tenants
  • No personal guarantees
  • Can pass costs through to tenants
  • Loan stays with property – transfers ownership on sale

Why Use PACE?

  • No Upfront Cost Energy Upgrades
  • Use Energy & Maintenance Savings to Pay for the Loan
  • Off-Balance Sheet Financing
  • Loan Terms Up to 20 Years
  • Almost Any Energy Efficiency Measure Qualifies
  • PACE Funding Can Be Viewed as Equity for Rehab & New Construction Projects
    • PACE is typically cheaper than investor equity!
  • PACE Financing is Available in Almost Any Part of Missouri

Eligible Items:

Lighting, HVAC, Hot Water Heaters, Insulation, Cool Roofs, Solar Panels, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Boilers, Refrigeration,  Control Systems, Energy Efficient Appliances, and much more.  If it saves energy or maintenance costs, it most likely is eligible!

PACE Financing in Missouri is available in St. Louis City, a growing number of municipalities across St. Louis County and throughout the rest of the state.  Please contact us to find out if PACE financing is available in your area.  Set The Pace St. Louis is the administrator who we work with to get projects approved in the city limits.  We also can do work in just about any part of the state of Missouri.  We are here to help with all things related to PACE Financing in Missouri

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